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Feb 25, 2021

Local Bicycle Infrastructure Projects

Well, the news is out: During 2020 American demand for bicycling surged and industry groups predict that we'll continue pedaling after the we bring the pandemic to heel. Bicycle shops have always taken a lead in advocating for alternative transportation infrastructure and we see that as part of our mission toward community engagement. Here are two initiatives that we think you should now about in our region.

The Doylestown Bike and Hike Committee is seeking public support and feedback regarding the proposed Rt. 202 Trail between Central Park (Doylestown Township) and Rt. 313/Poole's Corner (Doylestown Borough). This is another vital link in an amazing and dynamic system of bike/hike trails here at the mothership. Also, this is an amazing website. Please check out the proposals and offer your thoughts here.

Click here to see the current Doylestown Bike/Hike Trail System

Mountain bikers know the importance of stewardship of our natural areas and we are keenly aware that increased usage has strained the existing systems accessible to us. Word comes to us that our neighbors in Mercer County, NJ are seeking support for the redevelopment of the Moore's Station Quarry, and a 1,000 acre tract at Baldpate Mountain into a county park. One direction for the park includes an "Adventure Sports option" that includes potential facilities for mountain biking, a bicycle pump track, a BMX facility, and trail connections to the D&R canal system and Baldpate Mountain Park. Please consider completing this survey and indicating your strong agreement with those aspects of potential plan.

Are you up-to-date to on progress of the Newtown Rail Trail which will connect Newtown Borough to the Pennypack Trail in Upper Southampton? The trail is part of the regional trail system plan for the Greater Philadelphia Area being planned and constructed by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, government entities , and non-profit organizations like the Friends of the Newtown Rail Trail and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

Map of the regional Circuit Trail

Map of the Newtown Rail Trail

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