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Jun 05, 2019

Advanced Sport and Spine Chiropractic

I'm going to take an opportunity to step out of of the passive voice and speak directly about Dr. Johnny King-Marino, D.C. and his team at Advanced Sports & Spine Chiropractic in Doylestown, PA. My name is Brian Boger and I serve as the Director Sportif of the cycling team. In 1986, I was injured as a XC/Track athlete in high school and a brief attempt at collegiate athletics. Fast Forward thru 30 years of active lifestyle and I was suffering from a variety of nebulous symptoms that I attributed to old age. My general practitioner and orthopedic doctors diagnosed everything from sciatica, to IT Band Syndrome, to depressive/anxiety, to kidney/liver disease, to chlamydia (yep, really). You know who was the only person to correctly diagnose my athletic pubalgia? Yep, Dr. JKM and this was later confirmed by MRI. Dr. Johnny and his team treat everyone from the "average Joe/Jill" to elite, Olympic hopefuls with the same relentless optimism and care. When I shared our vision of creating an elite and amateur format for competitive cycling in our area, he was the first sponsor on board. Despite all efforts, Dr. Johnny King-Marino is first and foremost a "runner." On Sunday, June 16th (Father's Day) he is directing the Breakfast 5K & 10K Race in Doylestown Borough and we will be there to support this event which is part of the Bucks 5k Series. Anyone who knows Johnny knows that his events share his bon vivant approach to life, so the race ends in flapjacks, breakfast stout and mimosas at Station Tap House in Doylestown. Join us for the event!

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