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Jun 20, 2020

AS&SC Re-Opens for Patient Care

Not only is the team at Advanced Sports & Spine Chiropractic one of the oldest of our team's sponsors, but its an allied business with which many of us associated with the team can provide personal testimony. Dr. Johnny King-Marino, Dr. JP Kallelis, Dr. Kevin McLaughlin, and Dr. Mike Buchakjian provide the core of the provider team at AS&SC.

Not only do their providers serve the chiropractic needs of the general population, but they've developed a specialty in serving those pursuing active lifestyles including a significant resume with varsity, elite and professional athletes.

By way of personal reference, I've (Brian Boger) been seeing the team at AS&SC for a number of years, most recently since undergoing bi-lateral core, hip labrum and hip dysplasia surgeries. While the procedures were successful in treating 30+ years of sports hernias, I had significant soft-tissue issues to contend with following the surgeries, as well as decades of injury compensations to deal with. They've been a God-send and a shoulder to lean on. I'd also like to mention that team sponsor Geoffrey Prudhomme, ART shares office space at AS&SC for his massage therapy practice and he's provided the complimentary service I need for my soft tissue healing.

You can learn more about how the team at Advanced Sports & Spine Chiropractic is adapting their practice to mitigate the SARS CoV-2 pandemic by clicking here!

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