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Jun 08, 2021

Rena Endures Rothrock Grit Grinder Race

A quick introduction, my name is Rena Frascella and I am a sales associate and the official bike adventurist at Bike Works Doylestown (the mothership). My 2021 goals included returning to being an endurance athlete again (no small endeavor) and planning a few adventures. I had forgotten how hard endurance riding actually is!

On Saturday I decided to push myself to the limits of my climbing ability. I took on the grittiest length of the Rothrock Grit Gravel Grinder Race; 65 miles in Central Pennsylvania's Rothrock State Forest with 7,500 feet of climbing. We started around 9 A.M., and it got WARM very quickly. Now, I have done some hard climbs, but those were humbling. The climbs were typically 3-5 miles long on gravel and jeep trails. The descents were equally as long, but twice (editors note: I'd say fifteen thousand times) as fun. This course was a very good mixture of gravel, road, single-track and and double-track dirt trails. My Liv Devote adventure bike handled everything beautifully.

Why put myself through that? Well, I have a few more larger adventures lined up for the rest of the year. In August, I will be traversing the northern Georgia mountains of my home state in an effort to complete the 350 mile, Trans North Georgia bikepacking adventure. So stay tuned for more adventure updates!

Get a taste of the Rothrock Grit Grinder Race in the video below!

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