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Apr 20, 2020

Sam Smith 12th in e-Bike Stage Race

With the cancellation and postponements to the early bicycle racing, our athletes have been itching to find a way to compete. This past weekend our friends at Project Echelon Racing hosted a virtual, three-day stage race on the Zwift application. Some of may use Zwift for riding and racing through the use of Bluetooth enabled "smart trainers" or may be aware that our own Chris Meacham led winter rides on that platform through the winter. Being as this was the only professional bicycle race in North America (the world?) last weekend, the competition was pretty stiff. To a person however, our team members relished the opportunity to represent our team, sponsors and community.

Connor Thompson, 18, of Sinking Springs PA finished 15th during Friday night's 27.5 mile, 5 lap course through virtual Innsbruck, Austria. It was quite an adjustment for all of the participants as the Zwift platform has been quite popular with cyclists during the pandemic responses internationally. At times there were as many as 30,000 users on the application simultaneously.

Saturday and Sunday belonged to Sam Smith, 17, Doylestown Borough. Saturday's stage was a 40 mile circuit race through the Big Foot Hills of the imaginary Zwift world of Watopia that included some serious climbing while Sunday's stage was 36.8 miles of moderate climbing through the same Watopia setting. On both days the race selected into a small group of riders who broke away from the front and Sam was among them. Sam finished his weekend by finishing in 4th place on Stage 3, and was 12th overall in the General Classifications only 4.6 seconds behind overall winner Zach Gregg of Project Echelon Racing, the 27 year old champion of the prestigious 2020 Tour of the Southern Highlands. Sam was the youngest rider in the top 15 racers. In our little world of bicycle racing, I bet a lot of people took notice.

1[email protected]Wildlife Generation1:17:310:00:00
2Zach GreggProject Echelon1:17:310:00:00
3Wouter ZwartLandis-Trek1:17:320:00:01
8Matt ZimmerProject Echelon1:17:400:00:10
4Sam SmithDoylestown Bike Works1:17:400:00:07
5Alex MarrRio Grande1:17:400:00:09
6Adam CarrSkyline1:17:410:00:10
7Alex HoehnWildlife Generation1:17:410:00:10
9John Heinlein IIIProject Echelon1:17:420:00:11
10Ben SchmutteGateway Devo1:18:100:00:39
11Torbjørn Andre RøedAbove and Beyond Cancer1:20:050:02:34
12Patrick CollinsCS Velo1:20:150:02:44
13Eric HillProject Echelon1:21:230:03:52
14Evan BausbacherGateway Devo1:22:370:05:06
15Zach NehrProject Echelon1:22:400:05:09
16Andrew DudleDoylestown Bike Works1:23:180:05:47
17John W NoonanLandis-Trek1:23:200:05:49
18Marc KubushefskiDoylestown Bike Works1:24:230:06:52
19Justin McQuerrySkyline1:24:270:06:56
20Brian RachAmbo Squad1:24:290:06:58
21Colin FitzgeraldDoylestown Bike Works1:24:300:06:59
22Randy ReichardtAbove and Beyond Cancer1:30:000:12:29
23Ryan JastrabWildlife Generation1:31:240:13:53

GC Overall Results:

PlaceNameTeamStage 1 TimeGap After Stage 1Stage 2 TimeGap Stage 2GC Stage 2Stage 3 TimeStage 3 GapGC FinalGC Gap
1Zach GreggProject Echelon0:56:530:00:001:26:180:00:000:00:001:17:310:00:003:40:420:00:00
2Wouter ZwartLandis/Trek0:56:540:00:011:26:180:00:000:00:011:17:320:00:013:40:440:00:02
3Cormac McGeoughWildlife Generation0:56:540:00:011:26:330:00:150:00:161:17:310:00:003:40:580:00:16
4MATT ZIMMERProject Echelon0:56:560:00:031:26:280:00:100:00:131:17:410:00:103:41:050:00:23
5John Heinlein IIIProject Echelon0:56:540:00:011:26:330:00:150:00:161:17:420:00:113:41:090:00:27
6Alex MarrRio Grande Elite0:56:530:00:001:26:500:00:320:00:321:17:400:00:093:41:230:00:41
7Adam carrSkyline0:56:530:00:001:26:500:00:320:00:321:17:410:00:103:41:240:00:42
8Peter OlejniczakProject Echelon0:56:540:00:011:26:530:00:350:00:361:17:410:00:103:41:280:00:46
9Alex HoehnWildlife Generation pro cycling0:57:210:00:281:26:520:00:340:01:021:17:410:00:103:41:540:01:12
10Torbjørn Andre RøedAbove & Beyond Cycling0:56:540:00:011:26:460:00:280:00:291:20:050:02:343:43:450:03:03
11Patrick CollinsCS Velo0:57:370:00:441:26:330:00:150:00:591:20:150:02:443:44:250:03:43
12Sam SmithDoylestown Bike Works1:00:580:04:051:26:550:00:370:04:421:17:380:00:073:45:310:04:49
13Eric HillProject Echelon Racing0:57:210:00:281:26:570:00:390:01:071:21:230:03:523:45:410:04:59
14Chad HallTeam California1:00:520:03:591:27:180:01:000:04:591:17:410:00:103:45:510:05:09
15Ben SchmutteGateway Devo1:01:540:05:011:26:520:00:340:05:351:18:100:00:393:46:560:06:14
16Evan BausbacherGateway Devo1:00:030:03:101:30:410:04:230:07:331:22:370:05:063:53:210:12:39
17John W NoonanLandis/Trek1:00:090:03:161:31:120:04:540:08:101:23:200:05:493:54:410:13:59
18Zach NehrProject Echelon1:02:590:06:061:31:100:04:520:10:581:22:400:05:093:56:490:16:07
19Andrew DudleDoylestown Bike Works1:02:590:06:061:33:400:07:220:13:281:23:180:05:473:59:570:19:15
20Brian RachAmbo Squad1:00:090:03:161:36:040:09:460:13:021:24:290:06:584:00:420:20:00
21Marc KubushefskiDoylestown Bike Works1:01:170:04:231:37:210:11:030:15:261:24:230:06:524:03:010:22:19
22Colin FitzgeraldDoylestown Bike Works1:01:170:04:241:37:250:11:070:15:311:24:300:06:594:03:120:22:30
23Justin McQuerryTeam Skyline1:03:530:07:001:39:230:13:050:20:051:24:270:06:564:07:430:27:01
24Ryan JastrabWildlife Generation1:03:540:07:011:39:050:12:470:19:481:31:240:13:534:14:230:33:41
25Randy ReichardtAbove & Beyond Cycling1:06:590:10:061:49:210:23:030:33:091:30:000:12:294:26:200:45:38
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