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Apr 21, 2020

We spied with our little eye...

Hey Friends,
I'm still recovering well and don't have any health news! That's good news.
I do have some bike news, which I'm stoked to share with you all: Almost exactly a year ago, Sam Smith, Colin, and I raced a rainy, windy road race in Shippensburg. Sunday's boosty wind and overcast skies reminded me of the epic spring racing conditions we all love. So when I put on a helmet, kitted up, threw a leg over the bike to ride with Dad, it didn't feel like I was coming back from four months away from riding outside. It didn't feel like something I had to "figure out," again. It felt like home. I cried a little!
I'll be tapering into more riding outside, and when its safe to, I'll be riding with you all as much as possible!
Stay Safe,

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