Bike Fitting

Bikes may come in set sizes and geometries, but individuals don't. We understand the role of the body alignment, flexibility, and balance. We fine-tune the fit of your bike and your form to create a pain free ride.


Basic Fit

We will set your saddle height, saddle fore/aft, stem length and more to assure a correct bike fit. Allow one hour.


Custom Fit

Our custom fit process takes into account the whole body and riding style. We will address specific anatomical considerations, body measurements, flexibility, previous injuries, muscle strength and cycling goals. We utilize this information to fine tune your fit - saddle height and angle, fore and aft position, handlebar width and drop, stem length and rise. The result is a precise bike fit putting you in optimal, pain free riding position. Allow one and half hours.



We can take the measurements from your previous bike fit and transfer them to a second bike.