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Jul 04, 2019

Get to Know ARCCA Experts

As vacation season arrives, we got some photos from our teammate Tim Joganich who visited Knoxville, Tennessee and witnessed the USA Cycling National Criterium Championship (and flew our jersey under the finish line banner). Tim is an engineering expert at ARCCA Experts in Penns Park, PA and secured their sponsorship of our elite and amateur team in 2012. ARCCA's forensic engineers work with agencies such as NASA, our military, and major insurance companies to forensically accurately analyze why accidents have occurred, and prevent accidents from happening in the future. You know what has gotten our interest? ARCCA has a long history of working in the area of athletics including work with the NHL, and is now looking to expand their Sports Biomechanics & Human Performance Lab which seeks to advance athletes performance and safety. I can safely predict that you'll be hearing more about our alliance with ARCCA Experts.

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